Treatment for Papilledema with Your Neuro-Optometrist in Bellaire, TX

Many conditions can impact your vision, and papilledema is one of them. This condition is when a patient suffers from optic nerve and disc swelling. To learn more about this condition and determine if it’s causing your vision problems, look at the quick guide provided by Eye Wellness Center and the Better Eye Care team.

What Is Papilledema and What Causes It?

The eye is an intricate system of nerves, discs, and blood vessels. All of which play a vital role in your vision. A patient’s intracranial pressure can cause optic nerve or disc swelling. This pressure is often due to issues like:

  • Meningitis
  • Sinus problems
  • Brain bleeding
  • Liver conditions
  • Brain tumors
  • Brain injury

A neuro-ophthalmologist can determine the specific cause of your swelling.

Symptoms of Papilledema

You are unlikely to feel any pain with papilledema, but there can be some uncomfortable symptoms. Some of these include nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Additionally, you will notice disturbances in your vision, such as severe double vision.

Treatment Options for Papilledema

Treatment depends on the specific cause of your condition. After your neuro-ophthalmologist completes an examination to discover the root cause, you can develop an effective treatment plan. However, the first step of any treatment is typically to address the root cause.

For example, if an infection causes swelling, antibiotics are the first line of defense. Depending on the cause, other potential treatment options can be corticosteroids, draining abscesses, and treating hypertension.

Sometimes, more comprehensive intervention is necessary. However, once the root cause is addressed, you can determine the most effective treatment options for your vision.

Addressing Papilledema with Better Eye Care in Bellaire, TX

If you are living with headaches and vision problems, seeing a neuro-optometrist is essential as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with Eye Wellness Center by contacting them today!