What Is a Neuro-Ophthalmologist?

A neuro-ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who concentrates his or her practice on visual issues related to the nervous system. Those issues might involve impaired or lost sight as a result of a brain injury or an injury to the optic nerve. These conditions might be attributable to trauma, strokes, infections, or other causes.

Our neuro-ophthalmologist at the Eye Wellness Center in Bellaire, TX, is trained in both neurology and ophthalmology.

Some Conditions Our Neuro-Ophthalmologist Tests For

With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our eye doctor offers complete neuro-ophthalmological care and we’re able to offer a wide range of eye care and treatment in our clinic.

Here are just a few of the conditions that we see patients for:

  • Vision loss
  • Visual field loss
  • Double vision
  • Nystagmus or involuntary movement of the eyes
  • Eyelid and pupil conditions
  • Conditions involving high pressure in the head

The Initial Exam with Our Neuro-Ophthalmologist

Any initial exam of a patient is going to start out with a review of the patient’s vision complaints and any related issues. After that, his or her eye movement will be evaluated. This is likely to include color and visual field testing.

Then, another exam is conducted under a special microscope. The optic nerve and retina are then examined. Special dilating eye drops will likely be used to help with this part of the examination or for determining the cause of unequal pupils. Eye movements will also be evaluated.

Visual field testing is performed differently with lights. When the initial examination by the neuro-ophthalmologist is finished, the eye doctor will discuss an initial diagnosis and treatment plan with the patient.

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