Eye and Rheumatic Disease

If you’re looking for treatment of eye diseases due to rheumatic issues in the Bellaire, TX, area, our neuro-ophthalmologist at Eye Wellness Center can help you get the information and support you’re looking for. We understand the seriousness of rheumatic disease and that it can affect the health of your eyes. Because disorders and diseases can affect more than just your eye health, you want to make sure you’re working with eye care professionals who understand how to treat your condition the right way.

What Is Rheumatic Disease?

Rheumatic diseases are conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases can affect the joints, nerves, and other areas of the body, including the eyes. Many people don’t realize this when they’re diagnosed with the condition, but eye and rheumatic disease issues often go together. If you’ve been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or any other type of rheumatic condition, you’ll want to have your eye health monitored to make sure it’s not being affected.

Rheumatic Disease and Eye Health

When you have health issues, such as RA, the health of your eyes is also at risk. You may experience redness and blurry vision, or a feeling of sand or debris in your eye. You can also have problems such as dry eye, corneal disease, pain, and decreased vision. If you start to notice any of these types of problems, getting prompt treatment can be the best choice to feel better and protect your vision and eye health, all at the same time. Don’t put off treatment, because time may be a factor.

What Is a Neuro-Ophthalmologist?

Neuro-ophthalmologists work with both ophthalmological and nervous system conditions. They specialize in the blending of these two areas, and can focus on how to treat eye conditions that come from RA and similar issues. Because eye and rheumatic disease are frequently tied together in RA patients, a neuro-ophthalmologist will want to make sure they’re working on treatment options that can preserve vision and eye health, and that pair with other treatments you might need for your rheumatic condition.

Our Neuro-Ophthalmologist Can Help You Today

If you’re in the Bellaire, TX, area and are in need of a neuro-ophthalmologist to help with eye and rheumatic disease concerns, Eye Wellness Center is here to help. We know that navigating serious health conditions isn’t always easy, but it can be less stressful when you have professionals working to help you. By coming to us, you’ll be in good hands and can take an active role in the protection of your vision and the health of your eyes for the long term. That can also help provide you with more peace of mind.