Vision Problems After Stroke

If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke, you know how difficult it can be to manage daily life. A stroke affects the brain cells, rendering many of them unable to work as they are intended. Among the many things a stroke can lead to, vision loss after a stroke can be one of the most frightening. Why does this happen and what can be done about it? Our team at Eye Wellness Center serving Bellaire, TX, – your neuro optometry specialists – is here to help.

Why Do You Experience Vision Loss After a Stroke?

You may think that your vision starts and stops within the eye itself, but your brain plays a large role. It is specific areas of the brain that process the images your eyes take in. If those visual processing centers aren’t functioning, you can experience vision problems.

Unfortunately, a stroke often impacts these processing centers. If the stroke is on the left side of the body, you’ll likely experience some level of decreased vision in the right of each eye. If the stroke occurs on the right, you’ll probably experience vision problems in the left side of each eye.


Treating this type of vision problem requires more than a good pair of prescription glasses or contacts. A neuro ophthalmologist can help determine the best method of treatment for your needs. Often, this includes treatments like the ones listed below.

  • Neuro optometry rehabilitation: This is designed to improve the overall visual skills, which helps you get back to a more normal quality of life.
  • Specially designed prism lenses: Specialized prisms can be useful in opening up peripheral field of vision loss post-stroke. The prisms are helpful towards vision improvement and safety measures by helping guard against bumping into people and door ways, etc. Along with vision  therapy exercises, they can play a significant role as an assistive device.

At its core, neuro ophthalmology is dedicated to improving vision as much as it can but also to helping patients learn to manage their loss of eyesight better. In some cases, the loss of vision is temporary – in others, it’s permanent. This can be challenging, of course, but we at Eye Wellness Center – your Bellaire ophthalmologist – are dedicated to helping you.

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Are you or a loved one suffering from vision loss after a stroke? Don’t suffer alone. We’re here to help you improve your visual skills and achieve the highest quality of life possible. Schedule an appointment with our neuro ophthalmology team at Eye Wellness Center serving Bellaire, TX, by calling us. An eye doctor on our team is here to help.